San Francisco

I was going to write a big long fun post about our trip through San Francisco

BUT this precious Mac is our connection to Grey’s Anatomy
(don’t judge)

so I will let the photos do most of the talking

Here is a little synopsis of our day
it was my birthday which made everything just little bit more awesome (I’m 25…what?!?)
we took a walk around the little bay that our hotel was on
it was super windy
we went to Golden Gate… woah, huge bridge, woah you are a tad bit intimidating and super loud to walk next to
then we had delicious seafood and drinks (and the infamous sourdough bread) for dinner at Pier 39
then walked right back to the car because our little “zonie” (apparently that is a popular nickname for Arizonians) booties were too cold and were not dressed properly for the intense wind

we are PUMPED that we get to go back, spend more time on the pier to go see Alcatraz and eat more delicious food

  1. Nancy Ruesch says:

    Nice pictures – enjoy the colder weather while you can

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