If you ever want to play photographer be warned of this truth…
the best time to take photos is an hour before to  an hour after sunrise or sunset
also know that the sun is rising at 5:21ish right now in Phoenix
Which means I woke up at 4:30 (which is when we should have probably met but I’m slowly getting the hang of this waking up early for photos deal :))
But hey, we were shooting photos by 5:30

Here is what I thought would happen today

wake up early
take photos
go home
take a nap
coffee with friend
edit photos

all of the above have happened except for one.
take a nap

That’s what happens when you are too excited about editing
AND waking up early wasn’t that bad
it was nice to get up and enjoy some cool beautiful weather
(not to mention the sunrise)
before 112 degrees struck.
that’s right friends, 112 degrees.

But ANYWAYS, don’t you want to know for whom I woke up so early?
a precious little one year old
Her momma, Brittany, is a friend (and a fellow deaf educator. holler!)
She is a beautiful woman inside and out and makes me even more excited to be a mom one day

Vivi just turned one and it was time to celebrate with some photos
(and a scrabble square, and a pink box, and some books, and a blanket, and a cake…lot’s of things to play with!)

See? Beautiful momma who loves her daughter


Don’t you love her serious face?
She is adorable

I’ll probably post a couple more of my favorites on Facebook a little later this week
so you should be on the look out for this cute little model

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  • Brittany BarneyJune 1, 2012 - 5:31 pm

    Melissa, these are awesome!! Thank you so much. Sorry you didn’t get your nap. I was sleeping soundly when these were taken 🙂ReplyCancel