Indecisive Melissa

I have many weaknesses.

One of them happens to be indecisiveness. It really is unfortunate not only for me, but everyone involved with any decision I have to make.

Enter Melissa Ivy 

Sorry about that. I made a name and then changed it like 5 minutes later. It is pretty obnoxious, I know. There are a few reasons but these are the main two.

1. In a couple years, if this whole thing is still happening, I could possibly thing “Man,  Capture is CHA–EEEE-SY.  What what was I thinking?” The chances of that happening with my name are, hopefully, way way less.

2.  I just found this amazing resource and they have some legit reasons

So there ya go, I tossed it around in my head multiple times while driving through central Illinois this past week. And made the decision. About 5 hours before we head to airport…and attempted to change both my blog and Facebook page. And if you read my last blog, you know that was not an easy task for this little not-so-tech-savy lady.

Better now while I have 1 follower than later when I have a whole 10.


And since we are leaving central IL I thought I would leave you with a fun photo I took while driving through the state.

Accept my apology for being indecisive??

Indecisive Melissa

Look at that beautiful, stormy sky.

I have ALWAYS wanted a photo of this barn.
always, always.

And now I do!

I’m excited to share some more photos from our trip later this week.

  1. Jackie Busen says:

    What town is that barn in? Awesome pic!

    • Thanks, Jackie! I have NO clue what town it is. All I know is it is somewhere on 55 heading down to Bloomington Normal, haha. And I’ll say that it is closer to Blo-No than the suburbs. That narrows it down, right? 🙂

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